Custom ChatGPT For Your Website

Train ChatGPT on Your Website Data and Build an AI Chatbot that can instantly answer your customers queries.

I'm your AI assistant

Ask me anything. I can answer same like chatGPT but with the data from this website.

Hello! How can I assist you today?

Let AI handle support questions!

Add the capabilities of chatGPT to your website in a few minutes. No coding required.

Easy Integration

It takes only a few minutes to create, train and add chatbot to your website.

data-Specific Responses

WebWhiz chatbot only answers based on the given data. So you always get the accurate result

Regular Data Updates

We regularly crawl your website and make sure your chatbot is always trained on the upto date data

No code builder

You don't need any coding skills to build the chatbot. Just insert a script tag to your website.

Customise chatbot

Customise the appearance of your chatbot according to your website theme

Fine tuning

Improve the result by even fine-tuning further from the project dashboard

How it works?

we've made all the complex steps easy for you. Create and train a chatbot for your website in just a few simple steps.

How it works
Add Website

Add your website.

Just enter your website URL to get started. We'll automatically fetch and prepare training data.

How it works

Train ChatGPT on your website data.

We’ll automatically train ChatGPT on your website based on the selected parameters and create the chatbot for you.

How it works

Add Javascript to your website

To embed the chatbot to your website, simply add the tiny script tag to your website.


WebWhiz is free and open source, but you can choose the cloud-based solution where we handle everything from hosting to support.

2 months free

$19 /mo

  • 400k tokens / mo
  • 5 project
  • 100 pages
  • Remove branding

$49 /mo

  • 1M tokens / mo
  • 10 project
  • 1000 pages
  • Remove branding

$99 /mo

  • 2.5M tokens / mo
  • 100 project
  • 2500 pages
  • Remove branding

$349 /mo

  • Unlimited tokens / mo
  • Unlimited projects
  • 10000 pages
  • Remove branding

Remove branding

Choose this add-on to remove the "powered by WebWhiz" tag from your chatbot interface. Works with any plan.


$19 /mo

  • Remove Branding
  • Works with any plan

Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions? Ask the chatbot or email us at

What is WebWhiz?

WebWhiz allows you to train ChatGPT on your website data and build a chatbot that you can add to your website. No coding required.

How frequently do you crawl my website?

Currently we crawl your website once every month. Please contact us if you need your website to be scanned more frequently

What data do you collect from my website?

WebWhiz collects data from your website pages to train your chatbot. This includes text data from the pages as well as any metadata such as page titles or descriptions. We do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive data from your website. We scan only public data available to search engines

What happens if I exceed my plan's limits?

If you exceed your plan's limits for projects or pages, we will notify you. However, if you exceed the token limit for your plan, your chatbots will stop generating AI responses and will instead respond with a predefined message.

What are tokens?

Tokens are a unit of measurement used to calculate the amount of text data that is processed by your chatbot. Each token corresponds to a variable number of characters, depending on the complexity of the language used in the message. Each message your chatbot sends uses a certain number of tokens based on the length and complexity of the input and the AI response. You can view the current token usage of your account on the dashboard.

Can I train custom data?

Yes, you can train custom data by simply pasting content to WebWhiz

Can I bring my own open ai Key?

Yes, You can use your own open ai key by self hosting WebWhiz.

What is the maximum size of context?

WebWhiz have any limitations on the size of context. However, please note that the number of pages you can crawl may be limited based on the plan you choose. Please refer to our plans page to learn more about the specific limitations of each plan.

Open Source

WebWhiz is fully transparent, private & secure. Code is on Github for review, run & contribution.