Host, Rebrand, and Resell!

With WebWhiz Self-Hosted, turn your vision into a profitable business. Create and resell custom chatbots, and let your clients experience the best in AI technology under your brand.

Boost Profits with WebWhiz Reseller

Empower your business with WebWhiz Reseller Program - Customize, set prices, and retain all profits


Fully customizable to your brand's needs – modify the look and feel to match your aesthetics.

Set your own pricing

You set the rates. Choose your own pricing strategy and maximize your profits

No revenue sharing

Maximize your earnings. Pay a fixed fee per website with no revenue sharing, keep all your profits.

lifetime plan

One-time payment, lifetime benefits. Enjoy our services forever after a single purchase

Open source

Harness the power of transparency - enjoy access to source code and community input

Future updates

Stay updated at all times. You'll always have the latest features with our regular updates

Reselling WebWhiz in 3 Simple Steps

Turn your business dream into a reality with our three-step reseller plan. Customize, self-host, and sell!

How it works

Easily Customizable

Personalize the theme with a few simple tweaks to the variables to make WebWhiz truly your own

How it works
Self host

Self-Host in Minutes

Quickly and effortlessly self-host WebWhiz on your server using Docker. Get up and running in no time.

How it works

Start Reselling Today

Launch your chatbot service, set your own pricing, market under your brand, and retain 100% of the profits.


Select from our one-time payment plans, each catering to varying website numbers.


$399 /lifetime

  • Upto 100 websites
  • Future updates
  • Customizable
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$699 /lifetime

  • Upto 200 websites
  • Future updates
  • Customizable
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$999 /lifetime

  • Unlimited websites
  • Future updates
  • Customizable
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Extended license

If you aim to use WebWhiz as a foundation for your own SaaS, choose the extended reseller license. It comes with no restrictions and grants you full source code ownership.


$3999 /lifetime

  • Unlimited websites
  • No restrictions
  • Fully Customizable
  • Future updates
  • Use to build your own SaaS
  • Full Source code ownership
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Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions? Ask the chatbot or email us at

What's the difference between Reseller and Commercial Licenses?

A Reseller License allows you to resell WebWhiz to your own customers. You can rebrand, set your own pricing, and distribute it for a specific number of websites. In contrast, a Commercial License is for personal or company use only and cannot be resold.

What is the WebWhiz Resell Program?

The WebWhiz Resell Program enables you to resell our AI chatbot software. You can customize, self-host, and set your pricing. You are allowed to sell to a specified number of websites, based on your chosen plan.

Can I customize the WebWhiz software for my clients?

With the regular reseller licenses, you can adjust the software's theme and branding and make minor modifications for your customers. For major changes, please seek our approval. Changing the distribution or allowing reselling is not permitted.

The Extended reseller license comes with no restrictions and You'll have full source code ownership. You can fully customize the software and use it to build your own SaaS. You can also resell it to your customers.

How many websites can I sell to?

The number of websites you can sell to depends on the plan you've chosen. Each plan has a one-time payment and permits a different number of websites.

What if I need to sell to more websites than my plan allows?

If you need to sell to more websites, you can upgrade to a higher plan which supports a larger number of websites. Or purchase the plan same once again

Can I purchase the license for the same price in the future?

No, the purchase price is subject to the rates available at the time of each purchase. If you'd like to secure the current pricing, you can opt to purchase more licenses now.

Who is responsible for ensuring my customers abide by OpenAI's terms and conditions?

As a reseller, you are responsible for ensuring your customers' use of the software is compliant with OpenAI's terms and conditions.

Are there any additional costs?

No additional payments are required on our end. Yet, you'll need to cover other expenses like server costs, OpenAI API charges, and SendGrid API fees if you plan to send emails to your customers. The magnitude of these expenses will largely depend on the number of customers you acquire and the scale of your operations.

Do you offer installation services

Yes, we offer installation services for $299. Here are the requirements:

  • SSH access to a VM with at least a two-core CPU and 8GB memory.
  • Pre-configured DNS with the following subdomains: api.yourdomain, app.yourdomain, widget.yourdomain, all pointing to the VM.

If you need assistance with VM creation or DNS setup, we offer this service for an additional $100, bringing the total to $399. You'll need to provide us temporary access to your hosting provider and domain provider accounts. The current waiting time for this service is 3-4 days.

Can we use the cloud version to resell WebWhiz?

Self hosting is the easiest and flexible way to resell WebWhiz. But, if self hosting doesn't work for you, reach out to us at to get early access for our cloud based reseller program.

Do I need to share my profits or pay ongoing fees to WebWhiz?

No, there are no ongoing fees or revenue sharing. You only pay a one-time fee according to your chosen plan.

What happens if my customer has a problem with the software?

As a reseller, you're responsible for providing the first line of support to your customers. However, we're here to help you if you need any technical support.

Can my customers self-host the application?

No, you are required to provide a cloud-based solution to your customers. They are not allowed to self-host the application.